Mobil 1 Service Centre

In the 1950s, Mobil was tasked by the US military to create a lubricating substance that could retain its characteristics throughout a wide temperature range. After a product was successfully synthesized for aircraft, Mobil turned their attention to diesel power units in Alaska. Once again, their expertise in developing temperature durable products was put to the test, but they also found, as a result of their product, long term benefits to fuel consumption, engine cleanliness and long term improved durability. Releasing a gap in the market and the efficacy of their products Mobil decided to turn their attention to automobiles.

So, in 1974, after more research and practical application, Mobil 1 engine oil was first introduced and aimed to enhance fuel efficiency, but also provide improved protection over a wide range of temperatures. This new product was the first synthetic engine oil in the world. Due to its high quality, Mobil 1 has since partnered with some of the most prestigious racing teams in the FIA F1 championship, such as: Williams, Red Bull Racing and McLaren.

We are therefore proud to announce that we are an official Mobil 1 service centre and feature on the Mobil 1 service centre finder. Mobil 1 service centres offer innovative, scientifically developed products that aim to deliver the highest possible level of performance and protection. Mobil 1 is known to be the world’s leading motor oil provider developed specifically to protect against soot, corrosion and wear, so book your car in today for a full safety check or service!