A simple and low-cost form of restoration is professional Detailing. Please don’t confuse this with valeting a car.  Often the condition and appearance of a car is made worse by cleaning and valeting in the wrong way. A professional Detailing service can “re-condition” paintwork and interior so your car can be “re-born” and brought back to showroom condition without any major mechanical or bodywork attention.  For many cars a professional Detailing service is the best step towards preservation and restoration. 

We have our own Detailing set-up, complete with washing facilities, detailing ramp and a range of the most suitable car products, all supervised by a professional Detailer.


Applying the most advanced techniques and using the very best products available, this detail will ensure your vehicle is free from contamination and protected for future use.

  • Pre-wash / degrease / tar removal
  • Snow foam to safely loosen dirt deposit
  • Arches / door shuts decontaminate using advanced products
  • Rinse snow foam
  • Wash vehicle body using a powerful cleansing pure PH neutral shampoo
  • Rinse body
  • Combination hand and warm air dry
  • Clay bar all external body panels & glass to remove further ingrained contaminants
  • Remove & deep clean wheels inside & out
  • Wheels and tyres treated & protected
  • All surfaces coated using hydrophobic self-cleaning protection product or high quality wax products
  • Plastic trim treated & protected
  • Glass areas cleaned inside & out
  • Interior deep clean, surfaces treated including leather & fabric


Using skilful techniques and industry leading products, your weathered paintwork will now present with a deep gloss and lustre.

Stage 1 +

  • Single stage machine polish using fine grade polishing compound to remove most wash system scratches and swirl marks leaving a deep brilliant high gloss finish to your paintwork.
  • High quality wax applied to protect and seal paintwork
  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished
  • Engine bay area safely cleaned & protected


Deploying a 3-stage paintwork machine polish to fully restore paintwork finish. Using advanced cutting compounds and finishing polishes to remove virtually all scratches, imperfections and defects.

Stage 2 +

  • Consultation with one of our trained and experienced technicians to determine what is required to satisfy the customer requirements and achieve the desired finish. At this point our ‘Bolt on’ services may be discussed.


A unique service offered taking advantage of various departments within the Renaissance facility. This is your opportunity to offer your pride & joy it's re-birth. Our tailored service is designed to restore your vehicle both mechanically & aesthetically, improving it's reliability and appearance. We believe this service will add value to your asset making it more desirable and its ownership more enjoyable.

Stage 3 Detail +

  • 130 point plus mechanical inspection
  • Consultation to discuss full scope of works and timescale
  • Paintwork
  • Dent Removal
  • Interior re-trim / re-finish
  • Mechanical issues resolved /upgraded
  • Alloy wheel re-furb etc.


Bolt on services maybe added to any ‘Stage’ of our detailing process for an extra cost.

  • Paintless dent removal
  • Alloy wheel refurb / new tyres /wheel bolts
  • Damage repair & paintwork
  • Performance upgrades
    • Re-map
    • Suspension
    • Geometry
    • Brakes
    • Track set-up
    • Exhaust
    • Induction CAI Kits
    • Etc.
  • Paint protection film installs (PPF)
  • Interior re-trim / re-finish
  • Ceramic composite paint protection coating

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