PORSCHE 718 RSK No32 – A Rare Opportunity

Renaissance are honoured to currently have a classic treasure in their showroom.

For a limited time, we have been loaned the prize of a private collector’s 90 car collection – the Porsche 718 RSK No32.

This was the last of the 32 RSKs to be built in 1959.

This little car, weighing only around 570kgs, is a purpose-built hill climbing and racing car.

Our research shows the 718 RSK was a development of the 550A, on a shorter wheel base; with a 142hp, 1.5litre quad-cam engine, it has a top speed of 155mph.

This car was originally built for Ferry Porsche’s sister, Louise Piech, co-owner of Porsche AG.

Please come down to the show room for the opportunity to see this rare classic.

It will not be with us for long!

Published: Friday 25th May 2018

PORSCHE 718 RSK No32 – A Rare Opportunity