RENAISSANCE welcomes rare and unique ACL2S to the family

Celebrating its 30th anniversary last year, AC Schnitzer moved “beyond the standard” with a very special anniversary edition ACL2S. And RENAISSANCE are rather excited to be the proud new owners of edition 1 of 30.

The satin, "green machine” will no doubt turn some heads from where it takes centre stage in our showroom, having come direct from AC Schnitzer’s own collection in Aachen. The transfer of ownership from AC Schnitzer to RENAISSANCE marks the beginning of a long and close relationship between our teams, who share an ethos for exceptional quality and customer service.

Befitting its status as a legitimate desirable anniversary model, the ACL2S was developed to encompass AC Schnitzer’s heritage and history as an established and premier league, premium performance, tuning house for all models wearing the BMW badge.

We warmly invite anyone with an interest in AC Schnitzer, BMW or indeed rare and prestige sports cars, to pop in to our showroom at any time to take a closer look. Keep your eyes on our website over the coming weeks to find out details of when we’ll be dynamically debuting the car. And who the lucky driver and passengers will be!

One look and you can immediately tell that it went through a significant number of changes from where it was before its conversion from the standard BMW M240i. AC Schnitzer put in the time and the work to prepare an extensive 10-piece aerodynamic wide-body kit that places emphasis on making the M240i look the part of a meaner and more menacing sports car.

The basic conversion takes the horsepower from just 340 to a generous 400, and monstrous 600 Nm of torque. These performance figures, which slot comfortably between the BMW M2 and the BMW M4, are thanks to the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade underlined with a quad sports exhaust system and engine optics. Additionally, AC Schnitzer has included its fully adjustable RS suspension kit, lowering the car as well as giving the driver the option to adjust ride height, compression damping, and rebound damping.

Beyond the impressive performance gains, the ACL2S is also defined by some stunning interior upgrades, all of which come with the full scope of AC Schnitzer’s patented aftermarket expertise and attention to detail.

We look forward to giving you the full tour in person soon!

Published: Thursday 5th April 2018

RENAISSANCE welcomes rare and unique ACL2S to the family