Our aim is to help “bring special cars back to life” and to help our clients enjoy the ownership experience of their important and valuable asset.  Sympathetic restoration is part of this.

Restoration projects for a car can come in many shapes and sizes.  A “nut and bolt” Restoration, which could make the car better than new, will cost more than the finished value of the car.  Such a restoration as a “financial investment” is very unlikely to be worthwhile unless you are restoring a very high value Classic.  Also, such a restoration can “destroy” some of the original patina and marks on the car which are part of the history and charm of older vehicles.

The more economical, and perhaps more sensible, approach is to rectify any mechanical faults and address any issues with rust, so that further deterioration of body panels or chassis can be prevented. Often it’s difficult to provide an accurate assessment of restoration costs, because “you don’t know what you are going to find”.  However, a sensible approach is a phased one where everyone has to be very clear about requirements, costs and expectations.

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