Servicing & Maintenance

Our aim is to provide our customers with a first-class service and to keep your vehicles in top mechanical condition, and to provide sound value for money for all your service requirements.

Renaissance is a Mobil 1 approved service centre and has excellent workshop facilities and state of the art diagnostics equipment.



We can offer a “ONE-STOP SHOP” for a family which owns different makes and models.  If your car is under 3 years old or under a manufacturer’s warranty, then it’s best to maintain the stamps on the service book at an authorised dealer, but otherwise why not have your car maintained by a garage that provides the best overall service and value?

RENAISSANCE can offer you and your family the following :-

  • FREE BASIC CAR HEALTH CHECK. An initial 50-point check and personal examination by our technicians with your car up on the ramp. We will identify any faults or potential problems, but only the repair work authorised by you will be charged for.
  • FULL DIAGNOSTICS CHECK. Extensive 130-point check using the latest diagnostics technology.
  • FIXED PRICE SERVICING or QUOTATIONS. This can apply not only to the normal annual or mileage-related services, but also to important work such as brake fluid changes, brake pads and discs, belts, etc., so that you know the exact cost in advance of routine work.
  • INTRODUCTORY LABOUR DISCOUNTS. For an initial period we will offer any new customer a discount on our standard labour rates, which will be maintained indefinitely for all loyal customers.  Furthermore, if you buy a vehicle from us we will maintain it for you at a discounted rate and offer that for any of your other family vehicles. Similarly, that will apply if we buy a car from you.   Please contact us for more information.

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